Precision Farming - Closing the Loop


CR9000 and CX8000 combines equipped with the New Holland’s DGPS system allows you to use the valuable field data you collect with the yield and moisture sensors to prepare yield maps and better understand yield variations. Yield and moisture readings are stored on a USB flash drive, which you can download into your desktop computer.

Using New Holland’s Precision Farming Software (PFS), the data can be viewed and thoroughly analysed. The desktop software allows for mapping and data conversion from the yield monitor system and is capable of reading and processing yield data from many competitive brand systems. From such analysis, prescriptive maps can be constructed for variable rate application.

All New Holland machinery can utilise the data collected from the IntelliView family of monitors. Guidance lines can be easily created and transferred between vehicles so that all machines entering the field use exactly the same tramlines throughout the crop cycle. If an AutoPilot Kit is fitted to another brand of machinery, again information can be transferred between that, the PFS Desktop Software and the New Holland family of monitors.