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All T5000 tractors are powered by New Holland NEF turbocharged 4.5 litre four-cylinder engines with advanced intercooling. They offer exceptional performance. Just look at the increase in power and torque when compared to the outgoing TL-A Series. Power of the T5060 is up 5% over the TL100A and torque climbs a massive 15% from 370Nm to 425Nm. Economically is also improved with fuel consumption dropping as low as 216g/kWh for the T5050. To extend daily endurance the fuel tank for the T5050 and T5060 has a capacity of 167 litres. New Holland. Clean running engine efficiency comes as standard.


All T5000 models are engineered to have 600 hour engine service intervals using conventional oils. This is the longest routine service interval in the industry, and 20% longer than the standard 500 hours offered by leading competitive designs. The extended service interval has been tested to ensure there is no compromise in performance or longevity. Choose New Holland to save money and downtime.


All T5000 tractors will run on B20 Biodiesel without modification. Once fitted with a suitable filter kit, all current production New Holland engines, including those with advanced Common Rail fuel injection, can run on 100% Biodiesel. This includes the advanced Tier III mechanical injection New Holland NEF engine in T5000 tractors. Talk to your New Holland dealer for full details.