Proven Quality and Reliability

New Holland LM telehandlers are designed to offer more than just exceptional performance. Product quality and dependability has been designed in. To further boost dependability, these exceptionally efficient handlers benefit from the use of many proven components. The high performance Tier III engines are from the same family that power established New Holland tractors, including the outstanding T6000 series. The axles, brakes and transmissions are based on designs used in existing New Holland telehandlers, industrial loaders and backhoes. The hydraulic system is built around a reduced pressure, high flow concept proven to help reduce operating temperatures. The strong boom and corner-to-corner wheelbase chassis have been subjected to pre-production stress analysis and extensive operational and end user testing.


Compared to existing New Holland rear-engine models, LM cooling capacity is increased by a massive amount; up to two times more for the transmission and half as much again for the engine. The engine hood vent system allows cool air to be drawn in and hot air to be expelled extremely efficiently, ensuring cooling capacity is maintained from dawn to dusk.


New Holland has completely redesigned the hydraulic system on LM telehandlers. The key aim has been to ensure the hydraulics retain optimum efficiency over extended operating periods and at high ambient temperatures. This has been achieved by lowering the operating system pressure, increasing hydraulic pump flow rates and fitting large hydraulic rams. Cooling capacity is increased at least fourfold when compared to the outgoing New Holland rear engine models.