New Holland Release Boomer EasyDrive

New Holland Release Boomer EasyDrive™

New Holland's EasyDriveTM Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) ushers in a new level of ease and control. The operator can simply "Press and Go”, and the transmission will automatically adjust to deliver the desired speed and match load conditions.

The EasyDriveTM CVT transmission is exclusively available on New Holland's Boomer 3040, 3045 and 3050 compact cab tractors.

EasyDrive™: Award winning technology

New Holland’s advanced continuously variable transmission will bring new levels of seamless operation and a more efficient use of engine power to smaller tractors, the two key features that helped the EasyDrive™ transmission win a Silver medal at the SIMA Innovation Awards 2009 and illustrates New Holland’s innovative approach to create superior solutions for its customers.

Efficient power delivery

The new EasyDrive™ transmission brings with it quieter operation, better power transmission and greater fuel efficiency. The challenge for New Holland engineers was to create a transmission that exceeded the performance of a traditional hydrostatic or mechanical gearbox.

The heart of the transmission is the Chain Drive Variator, comprising a steel chain running between two variable diameter pulleys. Each pulley consists of one moveable disc and one fixed disc that have sloped surfaces. The discs can be moved closer or farther apart to vary their effective diameter and provide an infinite number of transmission ratios.

The engine power is transmitted directly to the sun gear of an epicyclic gear set and to the planet carrier of the epicyclic via the Chain Drive Variator. This split ensures not all the engine power goes via the variator, improving power delivery and efficiency. The ring gear is then connected by the output shaft to the axles.

Smooth performance and easy control

The Boomer EasyDrive™ has a speed range of 0.4 km/h to 30 km/h and moves seamlessly and continuously from minimum to maximum speed without any abrupt changes. Sensors are used to measure torque, engine speed and variator speed to control the transmission electronically.

As the tractor pulls away or requires higher torque, EasyDrive™ will automatically move to a low setting, then returns to a higher, more fuel-efficient setting when the load is reduced.

As such, the operator needs only a shuttle lever and a Speed Control pedal to manage the transmission. The pedal fixes engine speed and the transmission controller maximises forward speed for the applied load. Once the pedal is released, the tractor will decelerate to a stop in a smooth and controlled manner and hold that condition, even if it is on a steep slope.

Three transmission modes allow 30%, 60% or 100% of maximum forward speed to be achieved with the pedal fully depressed, enabling the operator to set the speed range for the current application, while the top 25% of the pedal movement allows the feathering of the forward/reverse clutch for coupling to implements.

The highly flexible EasyDrive™ transmission gives the operator a very high level of control and features useful driver aids for maximum productivity. Anti-stall can disengage the drive before the engine stalls, ideal when pushing a loader into heavy material or overcoming a particularly high working load.

Reactivity settings allow the operator to control the speed of change of the transmission ratios from fast, useful when operating in a loader cycle, to slow to prevent turf damage in amenity applications. In addition, an automotive-style cruise control allows the operator to hold or fine tune working speeds for fixed-speed applications.

Exceeding the performance of even the latest Hydrostatic developments, the innovative EasyDrive™ transmission offers New Holland’s customers new levels of efficiency and functionality. Combined with New Holland’s trademark usability and quiet operation, EasyDrive™ allows operators to make the most of this innovative technology easily.