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New T8 Range

A New Concept in Large Scale Agriculture with New Holland's T8 Range That Redefines High Horsepower Tractors

  • The new compact long wheelbase design offers the segment’s longest wheelbase at 3450mm for ultimate versatility whilst maintaining optimum manoeuvrability
  • Fully integrated cast front linkage optimised for outstanding manoeuvrability for improved productivity and versatility
  • Best-in-class operator comfort for pure driving pleasure with an industry-leading 68dB(A) cab
  • The award-winning SideWinder™ II armrest offers ergonomic excellence and intuitive control of the fully integrated auto-guidance
  • Fiat Powertrain Technologies Cursor 9 SCR engines for Tier 4A emissions compliance offer 17% lower operating costs
  • Automated full powershift UltraCommand™ transmission
  • Ground Speed Management for reduced fuel consumption and precise speed control
  • Up to 274 litres per minute hydraulic flow with MegaFlow

New Holland’s flagship T8 range is set to revolutionise farming with the compact long wheelbase concept. This is the result of extensive research carried out with customers in order to guarantee maximum productivity and farming efficiency. This ‘game changing’ tractor’s architecture marries the transport stability of a long wheelbase design with the manoeuvrability of traditional row crop tractors, to offer customers a truly universal machine.

Moreover, the new T8 range offers customers a complete New Holland experience, with distinctive design, intuitive operation, quality and reliability; quite simply it truly personifies New Holland. The fully integrated cast front linkage further enhances the versatility and ensures outstanding manoeuvrability.

The new model offering, packed with ingenious solutions to improve farming efficiency, is perfect for large agribusinesses, contractors and large-scale dairy farmers; moreover, it is the perfect partner for New Holland’s flagship rotary and conventional combines, the FR forage harvester range and the BB line of big square balers.

"New Holland’s new T8 range is set to revolutionise large scale agriculture, offering a unique combination of features that is just not currently available on any other tractor in this class. Our new ‘universal’ T8 range will significantly improved our market share in this segment, both throughout Europe and in North America, and it will be one of the key products that will help us reclaim our historic, leading position in this segment,” stated Kyle Baxter, New Holland New Zealand, Operations Manager.

Compact long wheelbase architecture for improved stability and enhanced manoeuvrability in all applications

The new T8 range benefits from improved turning performance and manoeuvrability thanks to the unique sculpted tombstone, which integrates the cast front linkage, and bonnet that enables an unmatched 55° turning angle, perfect for tight turns on headlands.

The range also offers superior pulling performance for high speed minimal tillage operations and enviable on-road stability for higher transport speeds in absolute safety.

Furthermore, the compact long wheelbase design is ideal for front linkage applications, offering exceptional balance as the front wheels are located close to the front linkage itself, neatly contained within the sculpted tombstone and bonnet dimensions. These compact dimensions means that the long wheelbase shrinks around operators and also ensures unimpeded visibility of front mounted implements.

Impressive cast front linkage performance

The T8 range offers fully integrated cast front linkage and PTO which, together with the sculpted tombstone and bonnet, guarantees ultimate visibility and is ideal for power intensive front mounted implements such as mowers and front hopper seeding equipment. The direct drive PTO available at 1000rpm ensures maximum operating efficiency.

The front linkage lift capacity of up to 6290kg ensures even the heaviest equipment can easily be operated. Two remote couplings are also available for hydraulic demands. This system can be simply controlled via the intuitive joystick, mounted on the award-winning SideWinder™ II armrest.

Industry leading operator environment

New Holland knows that operator comfort is a prerequisite to ensure maximum productivity. As such, following extensive consultation with current users, operators will be able to enjoy a super quiet cab with industry-leading noise levels of just 68dBA, enabling them to work for long hours in ultimate comfort. Comfort is further enhanced by the spacious 3.1m3cab, and the optional heated leather Auto Comfort™ seat offers operators day long comfort.

The total glass area of 6.3m2 guarantees excellent 360° visibility, which is further enhanced by four integrated LED lights that sit just below the front grille, perfectly illuminating the road ahead. The new roof boasts a full range of working lights to complete the package.

Operator comfort is further enhanced thanks to the addition of comfort ride cab suspension, which ensures cab stability even when working on the most uneven terrain. For enhanced cab stability and improved turning performance, New Holland’s all-new Terraglide front axle suspension system enjoys 100 mm improved suspension travel for enhanced comfort. It also offers significant manoeuvrability advantages when turning in tights spaces, such as at the headlands or in the yard.

The multi-award winning SideWinder™ II armrest, as found on New Holland’s T6000, T7 and T9 tractors, offers ergonomic operation as all controls fall to hand for the ultimate logical layout. To ensure comfort for operators of all sizes, the entire armrest can be moved forwards or backwards by the simple touch of a button.

Moreover, this commonality means that the T8 range benefits from the same intuitive operating logic as found on the T6000, T7 and T9 ranges, improving flexibility for users with multiple New Holland model ranges.

The easy-to-use CommandGrip™ controls the T8 range’s rugged Ultra Command™ full powershift transmission. The Integrated Control Panel, which is ergonomically positioned to the right hand side of the operator, enables users to regulate a whole host of tractor parameters, including front suspension and Terralock traction management, during working for maximum productivity and efficiency.

The T8 range can be factory specified with New Holland’s integrated IntelliSteer™ auto-guidance system. This complete package ensures the ultimate in ease of operation, as the new roof has a integrated antenna position, and the system is controlled via the 178mm IntelliView™ III monitor, which makes following guidance paths even easier. No additional screens or add-ons are required. This fully integrated system enables year on year absolute pass to pass accuracy of 1-2cm when using RTK signals.

Operators can also use the IntelliView™ III colour touchscreen to visualise and modify a whole range of operating parameters easily and quickly such as hydraulic flow rate and engine settings.

The most powerful Tier 4A SCR tractor in its segment that offers lower operating costs

The SCR used to meet the stringent Tier 4A emissions standards was developed in partnership with Fiat Powertrain Technologies, our engine development partner. A fundamental element of the SCR system is AdBlue/DEF, the solution which is injected in the after-treatment system to neutralise the harmful exhaust emissions produced during combustion. It turns them into water and nitrogen, both of which are naturally present in the environment.

The T8’s AdBlue/DEF system has been designed for minimal operator input, and only needs to be filled every other diesel refill. It is also conveniently located next to the pre-existing diesel tank to ensure hassle-free filling. Operators are kept continually informed of AdBlue/DEF levels courtesy of in-cab displays.

All New Holland authorised dealers will stock all products required to ensure conformity with new Tier 4A regulations, including AdBlue, in containers of varying sizes in order to suit individual farmers needs.

The SCR technology offers significant performance advantages. Cursor 9 SCR engines benefit from increased Maximum Engine Power Management horsepowers of between 273-389 courtesy of New Holland’s Engine Power Management system, which continuously adjusts engine output to perfectly match actual working conditions by an intelligent sensing of the PTO, hydraulic and transmission loads.

This ensures the optimum generation of power by the engine, which also always runs at the most efficient settings .This guarantees both optimised performance and optimal fuel consumption, and customers will have the most efficient power in reserve to operate even the biggest implements in the toughest conditions.

The introduction of this highly efficient engine and advanced after-treatment technology to the T8 range will offer customers a 17% reduction in overall operating costs thanks to improved fuel consumption and 100% longer service intervals. This more than offsets the cost of purchasing AdBlue/DEF, which offers savings itself. Opting for SCR technology on the T8 range, New Holland customers have invested in an emissions solution, and in a tractor that will pay back.

The new T8 range delivers between 232-335hp (rated power) from the Tier 4A compliant Cursor 9 engine developed by Fiat Powertrain Technologies. This ensures users will have the power on tap to complete even the most demanding applications. With up to 47.5% torque rise, the range will be able to tackle tough conditions on steep terrain without downshifting, courtesy of the constant power band.

New Holland is further minimising the environmental impact of its products with the introduction of environmentally friendly engine oil filters. Inside the durable cast casing sits an easy to recycle filter element.

The optional exhaust brake, similar to that used in heavy goods vehicles, ensures even better braking performance and enhanced safety for operators when transporting heavy loads or working on steep slopes.

Completely automated full powershift UltraCommand™ transmissions

At 389hp, with EPM, the new T8.390 is the most powerful tractor in its segment to offer a fully automated powershift transmission. Standard with an advanced automated gear shifting functionality, the T8 range equipped with Ground Speed Management (GSM), has all the functionality of a continuously variable transmission combined with the simplicity of a full powershift.

Available in a 19 x 4, 50km/h version for users who carry out extensive road transport operations, or in a 23 x 6 variant with creep speeds as low as 0.98kph at rated engine speed, owners are guaranteed silky smooth ratio changes. The vast transmission offering is also enriched by 18 x 4 and 19 x 4 ECO variants to ensure the perfect choice is available for every farming operation.

Quick and easy direction changes are available courtesy of the dedicated button on the ergonomic CommandGrip or via New Holland’s acclaimed steering mounted shuttle lever.

Ground Speed Management: exact speed management

In order to offer optimised productivity and fuel efficiency, New Holland has developed the Ground Speed Management (GSM) concept for the T8 range. Similar in operation to a CVT transmission, but available at a preferential price, the operator sets the ideal working speed and then the engine rpm and gears are automatically calibrated to ensure the most efficient operation.

Once the GSM mode has been engaged, the engine throttle control no longer control the engine rpm, instead the hand throttle becomes a speed lever, the foot throttle a drive pedal.

To offer optimum efficiency under heavy loads, the control system will select a lower gear so that the power train can take on higher loads to produce more power; however, as soon as the load is decreased the control system will raise the gear and decrease the engine rpm to ensure optimum operation.

Available in two modes, field mode offers speeds as low as 2.3km/h and a road mode ensures ultimate efficiency up to 50km/h. This intuitive system guarantees maximum efficiency under changing load conditions in situations where precise speed is required such as harvesting potatoes.

Impressive hydraulic performance

Up to six hydraulic remotes are available on the new T8 range and guarantee full hydraulic flexibility. Standard flow of up to 161 litres per minute, when combined with the optional Mega Flow™ system which produces up to 113 litres per minute, offers a combined total of 274 l/min. This ensures that the T8 range effortlessly copes with intensive hydraulic applications such as seed drills, mowers and potato harvesters.

These remotes are simple and intuitive to set up courtesy of the IntelliView™ III in-cab touch screen colour monitor. Moreover, all controls fall to hand and the operator can choose between the SideWinder II paddles, the joystick or the CommandGrip to offer precision control for any application.

Model Specification

The new numbering on the T8 series makes the models performance immediately obvious, as the first digit refers to the range, the T8, and the numbers following the dot denote its maximum Engine Power Management horsepower.

Max. EPM
EPM band
Rated power
Max. torque