T7 Tractors Achieve Best-in-Class Fuel Economy Results

New Holland T7 Tractors Achieve Best-in-Class Fuel Economy Test Results

Results of PowerMix tests on New Holland's new T7 Series tractors by the DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft), the German Society for Agriculture, officially confirm the tractors' record-setting, best-in-class fuel economy in the 150 - 200 PTO hp class. The T7 tractors feature Tier 4a emissions-compliant engines with Fiat Powertrain Tier 4 SCR engine technology.

The DLG PowerMix tests were performed at the internationally accredited DLG Test Centre in Gross-Umstadt, Germany. The PowerMix test is designed to be a real-life indicator of fuel economy. Although performed on a test track to ensure standardization, the tests are designed to give a more accurate indication of fuel economy by simulating common tractor working conditions. The test is based on fuel consumption figures for a variety of different working cycles for draft, PTO and mixed (including hydraulic) applications.

The DLG recently published the PowerMix test results for New Holland Tier 4a T7.260 Power Command™ and T7.270 Auto Command™ tractor models. All configurations of these models, with either Power Command™ (PowerShift) or Auto Command™ (CVT) transmissions, offer the best fuel economy in the 150-200 PTO hp segment.

The T7 Series outstanding fuel economy is attributed to the design of the engine. With the SCR technology, the engine "breathes" clean air, instead of re-circulated exhaust gases, allowing the engine to simply do what it's designed to do: produce maximum power from a given quantity of fuel.

As the Clean Energy Leader, New Holland Agriculture confirms its position by offering 20 Tier 4 emissions-compliant SCR tractor models available in early 2011.

"At the start of 2011 our customers will have the widest range of machines with Tier 4a SCR technology in the industry to choose from," says Franco Fusignani, President and CEO of New Holland Agriculture. "The recently published DLG figures fully confirm our clear leadership both in term of productivity and fuel economy."

PowerMix Test Results

The DLG published PowerMix test results for New Holland Tier 4a SCR T7.260 Power Command™ and T7.270 Auto Command™ can be found at:

http://www.dlg-test.de/pbdocs/traktoren/NewHollandT7270_e.pdf  and