Forage Harvesters 50th Anniversary

New Holland Celebrates 50 Years of Excellence and Innovation

  • 1961-2011: Half a century of pioneering innovation that revolutionised the sector
  • New Holland is celebrating in style with the launch of the FR9000 50th Anniversary Limited Edition
  • Produced at the Zedelgem Centre of Excellence

The history of self-propelled forage harvesters began in 1961 when, with a daring and absolutely futuristic move for the time, New Holland decided to transform its famous pull-type forage harvester into a unit with its own engine and controls.

From that moment on, the pioneering and innovative spirit that has always marked New Holland has been expressed uninterruptedly. Giving rise to a series of real inventions that have revolutionised the sector, New Holland’s self-propelled forage harvesters enable farmers and contractors to increase productivity, quality, efficiency, safety and driving comfort.

Among the main inventions, now all included in the equipment of the FR9000, are:

  • Metaloc™ System for detecting and ejecting metal objects from the forage. Active protection for the machine and for livestock.
  • Adjust-O-Matic™ System for sharpening knives and automatically regulating the knife-to-shearbar clearance. Better fodder quality and reduced power requirement. 
  • Variflow™ System for automatically adapting the blower position versus the cutterhead in relation to the use of the crop processor. Optimised blower performance. 
  • Power Cruise™ II System for adapting the engine speed and ground speed in relation to the crop load. Fuel saving of up to 15% on the field and up to 20% on the road.
  • IntelliView™ III touchscreen monitor and CommandGrip™ multifunction handle. Maximum intuition and simplicity of operation, for one of the most successful control and regulation systems on the market. Now also adopted on new tractors in the New Holland Series T7 and T8.
  • HydroLoc™ feed roll drive system to provide instant and on-the move chop length adjustment to suit specific requirements. 
  • Double Drive independent attachment speed adjustment particularly useful for large attachments in demanding crop conditions. The attachment speed can be adapted independently from the feed rolls optimising crop cutting and collection.

All these highly innovative and productive systems have been included in the limited edition of the FR9000, produced to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the world’s first self-propelled forage harvester.

Produced in a limited run of units, the FR9000 50th Anniversary model features eye-catching commemorative decals, a chrome exhaust, luxury seat and leather steering wheel. The real "custom-built” model is intended for users who want an exclusive machine that symbolises New Holland excellence in the field of forage harvesting.

Of course, this special version has been conceived and built in the New Holland Centre of Excellence for Harvesting Machines at Zedelgem (Belgium).

The Zedelgem Centre is one of the most important industrial locations in the world for harvesting machinery. It hosts not only the engineering and manufacturing departments for New Holland combine harvesters, balers and forage harvesters, but also a vast testing area, a perfectly equipped dealer training centre, a recently renovated visitors’ centre and a showroom where an exciting parade of New Holland blue and yellow machines can be admired.