Record Setting New Holland CR9090 Combine

Record Setting New Holland CR9090 Combine

New Holland's claim to the world’s biggest combine comes from the CR9090, which currently holds the Guinness World Record for the most grain harvested. During September 2008 in the United Kingdom, the CR9090 harvested 551.61 tonnes of wheat over an eight hour period. The spot work rate was as high as 100 tonnes/hour while the average was 68.95t/hour.

The CR9090, manufactured in New Holland's Zedelgem plant in Belgium, continues the CR9000 heritage as being a combine that offers industry leading performance and technology.

The CR9090 features greater power, performance and fuel efficiency using the same 13 litre Iveco Cursor engine with turbo compound technology that powers the T9060 tractor. The CR9090 Elevation boasts 544hp/400kW at rated engine speed with a maximum harvest power of 591hp/435kW available, 61hp/45kW higher than the current CR9080. Turbo compound technology offers greater engine efficiency, with a 5% fuel saving when compared to a similar horsepower standard engine. When combined with the CR9090 Elevation's larger 1160 litre fuel tank, it ensures the combine can work hard all day without stopping. The technology is fully compliant with 100% biodiesel usage, and with this alternative fuel becoming very competitively priced, it can result in significant savings for the owner.

The turbo compound system uses a second turbine, downstream of the first, to recover energy from the engine exhaust gases that would otherwise be lost or wasted. To match the cooling requirements of the engine, the CR9090 Elevation is fitted with 32% greater cooling capacity compared to the CR9080, kept clean by new dual-rotary air screens. Drivelines are also up-rated to handle the additional power and torque.

The CR9090 also features the next generation in rotary and cleaning technology with the release of features to provide maximum output and grain quality. The CR9000 range uses the unique Twin Rotor™ system to efficiently thresh and separate the crop. By dividing the crop into halves, the Twin Rotor concept spreads the crop over the two rotor surfaces to create an enormous active working area. In addition, a higher maximum rotor speed allows even more crop to be processed. Repeated agitation of the crop by the segmented, staggered and spirally mounted rasp bars and separation slats creates a continuous threshing and separation, which offers high capacity and a gentle rubbing action that results in excellent grain and straw quality.

The CR9090 Elevation extends this concept with adjustable rotor vane covers that when set in one of three positions by the operator optimises separation performance for differing crops and conditions. An increased capacity and a high quality straw and grain sample are maintained as the processing velocity is matched to the ideal threshing and separation action.

Additionally the CR9090 will feature a new cleaning system that is designed to handle the increased power and capacity of the CR9000 Elevation combines. The latest Opti-Clean™ system features increased sieve throwing strokes and steeper throwing angles and the largest cleaning area on the market at 6.5 m². The grain pan, the pre-cleaner and top sieve have been decoupled from each other enabling the movement of each individual component to be optimised. The Opti-Clean shoe is the first to allow opposite movement of the grain pan and upper sieve, increasing the cascade height for greater separation capacity and more aggressive cleaning with a lower overall vibration level.

To make the operation of combines for extended periods easier on the operator, the CR9090 will also feature the IntelliCruise™ automatic crop feeding system which monitors crop load on the header to ensure a smooth optimisation of the driving speed. A sensor monitors the crop load on the header and straw elevator driveline giving the earliest possible detection of variations in crop load. The combine's forward speed is automatically adjusted based upon this information, resulting in consistent and optimum performance and maximum operator comfort.

With a grain tank capacity of 12,500 litres, the CR9090 Elevation will hold more grain than any previous New Holland CR9000 Combine. The CR9090 features fold down grain tank lids with a four metre transport height limit.

The powerful new Opti-Spread™ system, mounted behind the straw chopper evenly distributes chopped straw across the full header width. It meets a wide range of spreading width requirements and can be conveniently controlled from the cab. The optional spreader uses two rotors and adjustable deflectors to neutralise the effects of side winds or sloping ground.

Operators of the CR9090 Elevation will immediately appreciate the working environment of the combine's spacious cab. The 5.8 square metre glass area provides unobstructed views to the front of the combine, allowing the operator to clearly monitor crop and feeding conditions.

The new IntelliView™ III colour monitor has a wide easy-to-view screen providing detailed information and control of the combines systems while the touch-screen capability makes it simple to navigate. For improved productivity, the new monitor also allows the DGPS-based IntelliSteer™ automatic guidance system to follow curved lines that were marked during the initial field pass or during a prior field operation.