Ready to Harvest Demo Program

In a small city called Zedelgem in Belgium, more than 100 years ago, Leon Claeys built his first grain threshing machine. In 1952, the first self-propelled combine harvester was built in the same place. And today, the New Holland CR9000 series combine harvester is still designed and built in the same place.

The Zedelgem site is the "New Holland Centre of Excellence for Harvesting Equipment”. The new CR9000 models are built in this high performance manufacturing facility by dedicated people who know what total customer satisfaction means, both in terms of harvesting performance and on-the job reliability.

This year New Holland celebrated building rotary combines for 35 years and to help celebrate this milestone, we are running a demonstration program for the 2011 grain harvest season. We have a CR9080 Elevation combine available for demonstration and evaluation purposes, giving you the opportunity to experience for yourself the unrivalled throughput and comfort of the CR9000 series rotary combine from New Holland.

No other combine harvester matches the capacity of the New Holland CR9000 models. Pure Rotary Breed describes the threshing and separation process. A unique Twin Rotor™ concept using repeated agitation of the crop by the segmented, staggered and spirally mounted rasp bars and separation slats creates continuous separation. By dividing the crop into halves, the Twin Rotor concept evenly spreads the crop over the two rotor surfaces.

High centrifugal forces caused by the smaller diameter fast spinning rotors throws loose grains from the ear with the remainder removed gently by a process known as grain-on-grain threshing.

Once threshed, the new, best-in-class, Opti-Clean™ system easily copes with the high throughput by optimising the stroke and throwing angles of each of the main cleaning components. The opposing motion of the grain pan and bottom sieve to the pre-sieve and top sieve reduces overall machine vibrations increasing operator comfort while at the same time giving the cleanest grain sample. Self levelling is standard helping ensure maximum capacity and the cleanest sample even on slopes up to 17°.

The pure rotary breed Twin Rotor system also offers outstanding straw quality. The gentle action of the rotors together with the grain-on-grain threshing system preserves the structure of the straw like no other rotary or hybrid combine can. The exclusive Twin Rotor system eliminates the need for a drastic change of speed and direction which results in the straw maintaining its structure, reducing straw breakage and leaving high quality straw that is ideal for baling.