T6000 Elite - New Model Line Up

New Holland T6000 Elite - New Model Line Up, Engineered to Perform

New Holland T6000 Elite tractors represent the very best of modern agricultural engineering. Powered by advanced four-valve engines with common rail direct fuel injection, these outstanding tractors deliver exceptional fuel economy. Engine Power management boosts power in PTO and transport applications to deliver exceptional levels of performance and productivity. The high entry level Elite specification includes the exceptional 40 Eco kph 17x16 or 50 kph 17x16 Electro Command™ semi-powershift transmission.

The latest introduction of three new T6000 Elite 6 cylinder, with common rail direct fuel injection, now offers a wider choice for many New Zealand farm and contractor operators. The six models of T6000 Elite range offers the best combination of power, performance and economy of any tractor in the 112 to 141 hp sector, with maximum horsepower of 178hp available when required on the top T6070 Elite model.

Operators will enjoy high levels of comfort, low noise and visibility. Of equal importance, whole life operating costs make choosing a T6000 Elite a sound business choice. New Holland T6000 Elite. The power to perform.

Comfort Ride™ cab suspension can be fitted to the spacious Horizon™ cab with a choice of standard, Terraglide™ suspended or tight turning SuperSteer™ front axles to suit specific end user needs.

To reduce fuel consumption a massive 113 lpm Closed Circuit Load Sensing (CCLS) hydraulic pump delivers oil only when required and delivers a high flow at low engine rpm, reducing the need to rev the engine to obtain high hydraulic output.

Hydraulic output is critical to gain output from a loader. While other tractors only use a single hydraulic pump for all the tractor services, including steering, the T6000 Elite models include a dedicated steering pump which means the loader cycle time is always maintained. Up to 95 l/min available at a single remote valve, for the most demanding hydraulic applications.

Electro-Hydraulic or mechanical remote valves

T6000 Elite tractors are available with up to four rear and two mid-mount remote valves, with a choice of mechanical remotes or optional electronic remotes.

All remote valves have flow controls, with the electronic valves adjustable from the instrument panel. A timed system, which can record and repeat a given operator function, is also fitted when the electronic remotes option is specified. Tasks, such as turning a plough, can be completed by one touch of the lever using this feature or recorded in the Headland Turn Sequencer mode. With New Holland, you always have a choice.

Active Road and Field modes

Active Electro Command™, with it Active Road and Active Field modes, is available for the most demanding of users. With a heavy load, the transmission will select gear nine as the start off gear. It will then automatically up shift through the eight remaining ratios.

To obtain increased engine braking, manual downshifts are possible. When Active Field Mode is selected, engine speed, throttle position and ground speed are constantly monitored and processed. The transmission will automatically up or down shift the four ratios within the three working ranges to maximise output. The operator can set the system so shifts in ratio will help maintain a constant engine speed for PTO applications such as baling. For draft work, such as ploughing, the shift pattern is altered to allow the engine speed to drop, so exploiting the vast torque reserve available.

Terralock™ traction management

Terralock™ can be set to automatically manage the engagement and release of 4WD and the front and rear differentials. As a turn is made, Terralock™ can release the differentials and disengage 4WD, re-engaging both as the tractor returns to work. Terralock™ works with both trailed and mounted equipment.

Style with substance

A modern tractor has to meet a diverse range of demands. Compact and manoeuvrable, T6000 Elite tractors combine excellent power to weight ratios for outstanding performance in the yard, on the road and in the field. No other tractor in its class offers so much. What really sets these tractors apart is the attention to design detail.