T6000 Range Command and Power Command Family

More Power at the Head of the New Holland T6000 Range Command™ and Power Command™ Family

  • New range-topping T6090 model with class-leading 28 kg/hp* power-to weight ratio
  • The first tractor in its class to offer 42-inch wheel availability, enabling less ground pressure
  • New SideWinder™ II armrest for electro hydraulic remote models

New Holland has updated and expanded its T6000 Range Command™ and Power Command™ tractor line-up with a new 165 horsepower rated power T6090 top model which can boost its power up to 201hp with Engine Power Management.

The class-leading power-to-weight ratios will make the new T6090 an appealing tractor for many tasks. Its compact design, manoeuvrability and light weight combined with the large diameter tyres offer the lowest levels of ground compaction. For haulage tasks the T6090 can deliver high power without additional weight, keeping the gross weight down and allowing payloads to be maximised for higher productivity.

EPM allows for highest power-to-weight ratio in its sector

The Engine Power Management (EPM) delivers a power boost up to 36hp, reaching 201hp, thereby giving it the highest power-to-weight ratio in its market sector. This impressive power increase ensures there is plenty of performance when needed during demanding transport, PTO and intensive hydraulic applications. For less demanding operations, it reverts back to standard output.

The T6090 although small in its dimensions has been engineered to allow the fitting of tyres up to 650/65 R42. The advantages of these larger diameter tyres are to increase tyre footprint size dramatically and allow lower operating pressures. These tractors reduce ground contact pressures to new levels for a 165hp tractor, reducing soil compaction. Other benefits of the larger diameter tyre are increased traction, reduced wheel slip and a higher ground clearance - beneficial for baler work.

The six-cylinder T6090 model is standard with a full powershift Power Command™ transmission, so there’s no manual or electronic range shifting with the associated loss in drive, just powershift through each gear. A 50kph or 40kph 19 x 6 Eco option is available and offers a fuel-efficient direct drive 19th gear, which reduces fuel consumption and cab noise.

The transmission operation is enhanced by Auto shifting and IntelliShift™ systems. This allows operators to set modes for field or road, with gears changed automatically to maintain a constant speed in varying conditions and terrain. The IntelliShift™ system delivers the smoothest shifts as it analyses the transmission load before each change of gear.

SideWinder™ II armrest offers effortless control

Now available with electro hydraulic remote valves, the new SideWinder™ II armrest, launched recently on the T7000 Auto Command™ and already widely recognised as a new industry standard, introduces the CommandGripTM handle that allows the driver to smoothly control the tractor.

Designed to provide comfortable operation, the SideWinder™ II armrest controls are placed in a logical layout with the CommandGripTM handle, optional joystick, EDC mouse, controls for the remote valves, front and rear pto and the IntelliView™ III colour touch screen, unique in the industry, falling naturally to hand for quick confident control. The operator is able to operate and monitor a wide variety of implements simply by touching the screen. What used to be done with three screens is now done more easily with one. The whole armrest can be electrically adjusted by the operator for perfect positioning.

A new feature that is now available on SideWinder™ II armrests is the New Holland IntelliSteer™ guidance. The fully integrated IntelliSteer™ helps to ensure parallel pass-to-pass accuracy of up to 1-2cm, when using an RTK signal. The IntelliView™ III colour touch screen includes a visual interface that can be employed when operating the IntelliSteerTM system.

T6000 enhancements improve productivity

A new, larger cooling package on the T6090 has enabled the power to be increased. This has led to a completely new bonnet reshaping which continues New Holland’s purposeful design style, but without obstructing the driver’s view and keeping it as a compact tractor.

An optional new electronic park brake (EPB), located on both standard and SideWinder™ II armrests, is a more reliable alternative to the transmission park lock, and uses the greater pressure of powerful brake pads to hold the tractor. The EBP can be conveniently engaged using the shuttle lever but will automatically engage if the tractor is stationary for more than 45 seconds, the operator leaves his seat or the engine is shut off.

SideWinder™ II equipped models can also be specified with an electronic joystick that controls both mid- and rear-mounted remotes and further remote controls on the rear fender; simple options that can dramatically improve operator convenience.

New Holland T6000 tractors are designed to incorporate a fully integrated, factory fitted front linkage and PTO. This new front hitch improves capacity with category 2-3 lower link arms. External raise and lower controls ease operation and the front linkage can be operated by an optional joystick, offering greater flexibility and control. The linkage arms fold up when not in use or when using a Front End loader.

Rated power
Max power
Rated power with EPM
Max power with EPM

* When compared with a direct competitor’s tractor in this segment.