New Holland's T6000 and T7 Success Is No Secret

Factory to Boost Production to 25,000 Tractors Per Year To Meet Global Demand and Opens New Customer Centre

New Holland unveiled its new Customer Centre – cementing its commitment to the UK’s agricultural manufacturing industry, is a further show of strength in the success that New Holland tractors have enjoyed over the past decade.

The company’s headquarters in Basildon, Essex, has been firmly rooted at the centre of British tractor manufacturing and agriculture since it was first opened in 1964, and remains the only agricultural tractor plant in the UK today.

The plant was recently awarded the World Class Manufacturing Award and the Manufacturing in Action Award at this year’s British Manufacturer of the Year Awards 2011 event. It was also a runner up for the most prestigious prize of the evening: the Manufacturer of the Year Award.

The tractor factory is planned to boost 2012 tractor production by 20%. The planned rise in output at the New Holland Basildon plant follows £100m (approx NZ $200m) of investment over 15 years, increasing its technological capabilities around large and fuel-efficient tractors.

"Basildon is the right place at the right time – it happens to be making machines that are exactly what farmers around the world want to buy,” said Kyle Baxter, Operations Manager, New Holland, New Zealand.

The factory, which exports 90 percent of its production, is projecting an output of 25,000 machines this year, up from just under 21,000 in 2011, largely on the back of demand in continental Europe, US and ANZ regions.

The £100m (approx NZ $200m) spent by the company in product development has helped make the plant one of the world’s centres of expertise in tractors of this type.

"It’s important to recognise that our current success has not come overnight but has been built up from a long and steady effort to improve the overall capability of the plant,” said Andrew Watson, Managing Director of New Holland’s UK operations.

The Basildon plant employs 1,000 people, of whom 80 have been recruited in recent months as a result of strong demand.

The projected output of 25,000 tractors from the plant this year is valued at just over £1bn (approx NZ $2bn) at factory prices.

The expected jump in production will consolidate its position as Europe’s second biggest tractor factory by output.

Basildon’s strong run comes after output from the factory fell to 15,000 units in 2009, compared with 24,000 the year before, as the global economic recession took its toll on farm investment.

The likely output this year will push the number of tractors from the site to its highest level since the mid 1990s – when the UK industry was still in the ascendancy.

(From left to right): Carlo Lambro, New Holland’s European Vice President; John Baron, MP for Basildon and Billericay; and New Holland’s Managing Director, Andrew Watson

To ensure customers get to experience these fantastic achievements of the Basildon factory, a new Customer Centre will provide a bespoke facility to gain a first-hand New Holland experience. Covering about 600 square metres, it features a state-of-the-art auditorium, a display T7 tractor and merchandise shop. All visits also include an audio tour of the plant.

Kyle Baxter, said: "New Holland are understandably very proud of their Built in Britain credentials and export 85 percent of their award-winning tractors to over 120 countries worldwide from Basildon, of which New Zealand is a major receiver of the product from the Basildon plant.

As a business, we are committed to continuing to support the agricultural industry, specifically its growth and development, with cutting edge products and an extensive dealer network.

New Holland’s reputation as a leader in innovative agricultural manufacturing continues to be strengthened by the plant in Basildon,” he said. "The plant, which produces the award-winning T6 and T7 tractor models, remains integral to our continued development both here and across the Global market.”

To experience this fantastic new customer centre on your next trip to Europe, contact you local New Holland dealer to arrange a visit.

Fact File

  •  The plant employs more than 1,000 staff
  • 484 tractors produced every week
  • 600 tonnes of material are used each day
  • Over 1.6 million tractors have been built since 1964.