New Holland Wins Best of Specialised Award

New Holland Wins the Prestigious Tractor of the Year 'Best of Specialised Award' With the T4060F

New Holland has won the prestigious Tractor of the Year 2013 award in the Best of Specialized category with the T4060F. The T4060F is the top of the range model in the T4000F/N/V series, producing 106hp in a narrow overall package, making it the ideal choice for vineyard and orchard operations.
"This award is testament to the hard work and dedication of all those involved in the development of the T4060F.” Stated Carlo Lambro, Vice President Europe. "Here at New Holland we are fully committed to maintaining our position as the worldwide leader in the specialized sector and developing state-of-the-art systems, such as ECOBraud, which enhance profitability for growers whilst reducing their environmental impact.”
A complete productivity boosting and safety enhancing package
The T4060F, together with the entire T4000F/N/V range, has been designed to offer outstanding operating efficiency. A whole host of features ensure that growers can tailor their tractor to suit their needs, a range of transmissions can be selected, and all ‘F’ models benefit from the SuperSteer™ front axle for the best-in-class turning radius: 76°. 
Safe operation comes courtesy of the 100% mechanical park lock and the new  PTO ratio that further boosts operating efficiency with a 5% fuel saving. 
The powerful hydraulic mid-mounts are controlled via an ergonomic joystick and the entire system features a hydraulic motor function which offers 100% priority and a free return. 
The new electro-hydraulic mid-mount valves are controlled via an ergonomic electro-proportional joystick which manages eight outputs. The system features an hydraulic motor function which offers 100% priority and a free return. 
The entire range benefits from the "protection level 2” Blue Cab which has been redesigned and groups all key tractor functions together, for intuitive and immediate operation. 
Speciality spreader kit: key pillar of the ECOBraud strategy
New Holland knows that in order to remain competitive in today’s demanding marketplace, growers need to optimise their inputs to maximise their outputs. Within the viticulture segment, this also means meeting tough, consumer-led CO2 reduction targets. The Speciality Spreader Kit available on the T4060F does just that, using variable rate application technology.  
First, the entire vineyard is mapped, and areas of high and low quality yield are recorded. This information is then analysed by New Holland PLM™ Software to create prescription maps which indicate how much fertiliser should be applied in each area. This information is then transferred to the tractor, via a USB key, and the on-board precision farming package manages the application of fertilizer.
This variable rate application assists growers in optimising vegetation growth, by counteracting areas of excessive or limited growth, which ultimately impact harvest quality. As a result, the area with high quality grapes increases boosting the operation’s profits.
New Holland tests have shown that operations using the Speciality Spreader Kit have reduced the fertiliser application by as much as 15%. This represents a significant cut in input costs. Moreover, when analysed in the context of the ECOBraud programme, spreader management reduces the in-vineyard carbon footprint by 10%, which contributes to the 10% overall reduction in the carbon footprint of each and every complete bottle of wine produced.
FM750 display: Information at a glance
The colour touchscreen FM750 display also allows operators to monitor all the key machine parameters at a glance, including actual working speed obtained through the GPS signals, worked area, fertiliser application rate as well as the amount of fertiliser still remaining in the bin. 
Advanced row tracing technology means that operators know exactly which rows have been covered to prevent overlaps; it also reduces fatigue during long working days and allows easy night operations as well.
New Holland is imported in New Zealand by C B Norwood Distributors Ltd.