New Braud 9000L Series

New Holland Braud 9000L Series - Enter the Era of Intelligent Harvesting

  • A series of high performance machines: four models for larger width vineyards (1.8m upwards), a model for the intermediate vineyard (1.4m upwards) and an extra-large frame model for wide canopies and for the harvesting of olives.
  • The best quality harvest, with best-in-class cleaning systems.
  • Electronic engine management with 6- and 4-cylinder Fiat Power Train common rail engine with a smart management system IMS 'Intelligent Management System'. Providing a fuel reduction of more than 35% when compared to previous Braud models.
  • The cab offers a more spacious, quieter environment and meets the most stringent safety standards. It incorporates an inclinometer, automatic lateral and height adjustment, and the new Intelliview ™ III monitor with touch screen. 
After 35 years of excellence and innovation and over 13,000 machines produced, New Holland once more revolutionizes the world of machine harvesting with the 9000L range of six models, offering professionals a new vineyard management tool.
Since first introduced in 1975, BRAUD grape harvesters have delivered the best harvesting quality and productivity. Today the new BRAUD 9000L series continues to be built around proven BRAUD design DNA. The SDC shaking system with flexible rear rod fixation and quick front engagement softly shakes and detaches the grapes. 
The NORIA basket system revolutionized the mechanization of grape harvesting and continues to offer the best respect for the vine and harvest. The proven NORIA with its polyurethane baskets ensures a full respect of the vines and harvest with no ground loses.  
Refined and developed, these proven BRAUD systems are now matched to a larger conveyor system, high performance cleaning fans and the best destemmer system. The result is improved cleaning and performance.
The six model BRAUD 9000L series are powered by ultra-efficient Fiat Powertrain Technologies 4- or 6-cylinder common rail electronic engines. Output ranges from 141hp(CV) to 175hp(CV). Coupled with engines that are engineered to run on 100% biodiesel (subject to conditions). 
The new common rail electronic engines and IMS Intelligent management system offer outstanding fuel economy which has been certified by French homologation specialists UTAC in comparison tests between existing VL6080 and new BRAUD 9080L harvesters.
IMS - Intelligent Management System, developed by BRAUD Coëx engineering, the IMS system was awarded a silver medal at SITEVI 2009. In work, IMS will constantly monitor the demand on the engine. In light load conditions, or at the end of a row when the operator switches off the shakers and fans, IMS will vary the engine speed to precisely match demand but with no impact upon performance. This saves fuel, with no need for any operator input and reduces the fuel consumption by 35% on average.
In addition to these new performance features in terms of power, there is also a new hydraulic Anti-Skid, which provides more traction in difficult conditions, and a Soft-Steer system, which automatically monitors wheel speed and manages oil flow to the traction motors, which results in very tight turning capabilities, with minimal disruption to the soil at headlands.
BRAUD 9000L harvester cabs are fully suspended and soundproofed for a smoother, more comfortable drive. The pressurized, heated and air-conditioned cabs are designed to offer optimum comfort and protection during harvest, spraying and other operations.  In like for like conditions, noise levels are reduced by 3dBA compared to the previous harvester range. 
The Intelliview™ III in-cab display has a touch screen interface to make setting machine functions faster and simpler, which offers customizable pages to suit specific operations. 
The system offers full ISO BUS control to enable the IntelliView III screen to be used as the interface to operate a range of compatible equipment. This includes sprayers and multifunction implements. This saves the need for separate controls and reduces the time to switch between jobs. 
The machines are fitted with two external cameras as standard and a third can be added to enhance visibility and view machine functions. Images are displayed on a dedicated colour monitor that fits to the top of the IntelliView III screen. 
The new "all-in-one" multifunction lever integrated into the fully adjustable armrest, controls travel speed and direction; the new Automatic Height and Levelling system; the harvesting head and the control of multifunction implements. 
To further enhance the operator experience and reduce maintenance downtime, all harvester head grease points are grouped at a single point, and a fully automatic greasing system is available.
All BRAUD 9000L models can be fitted with the new evolution destemmer as optional, but it is fast becoming the normal specification for New Zealand operators. It is fitted on the top of each hopper; the system delivers the best harvest quality. 
The evolution destemmer eliminates on average 20% more harvest impurities than the system employed in previous generation models and an advanced trap removes the majority of stalks, leaves and MOG (material other than grapes), after which a dedicated MOG transfer auger discharges this material to the ground. 
Maintenance of BRAUD 9000L harvesters has been both simplified and reduced. Advanced new materials, sealed bearings and a smoother conveyor path make looking after these new generation harvesters less expensive and more straightforward. 
When the destemmer is not required, its rotation direction can be reversed from the cab. To direct all harvested material into the collection hoppers.
The new picking head is designed to make it easier to clean; the wash time has been reduced by up to 30%. To offer further savings, a semi-automatic wash system is available from the factory. This further reduces wash times and reduces water consumption by up to 30%.
Night harvest becomes easy for the operator with the optional Row Tracking System (RTS).  RTS can be specified with New Holland GPS guidance to automatically track the worked rows. These worked rows are displayed on the IntelliView III screen, enabling the operator to quickly identify the rows which are still to be harvested. All the work data can be stored on a USB memory stick for traceability, and downloaded to the office computer using the necessary software.
These new machines are already operating in New Zealand, and are providing some very impressive results in terms of efficiency and quality of operation. If you haven’t had the Braud 9000 Series experience yet, you need to talk to your New Holland Dealer immediately about how Braud can make your 2014 vintage a memorable one. Available for vineyards with 1.4m row widths and upwards.
New Holland is imported in New Zealand by C B Norwood Distributors Ltd.