New Holland T8 Series AutoCommand Range

More Power and Auto Command Efficiency

New Holland’s flagship T8 Series tractor range has been further enriched with the introduction of the renowned Auto Command™ continuously variable transmission. The new range-topping T8.420 develops an impressive maximum 419 horsepower with engine power management making it the world’s most powerful CVT tractor.
The six model T8 Series line-up, with outputs ranging from 273 hp to 419 hp, is powered by efficient ECOBlue™ SCR Cursor 9 engines, developed in collaboration with FPT Industrial, and delivering Tier 4a emissions compliance.
"The T8 Auto Command will become the tractor of choice and the ultimate working tool for large scale cash crop farmers, hay and forage contractors, together with large dairies and transport intensive operations,” stated Kyle Baxter, New Holland NZ Operations Manager.
"With a longer wheelbase and even more power on tap, the T8 Auto Command is set to improve its already impressive all-round performance. Furthermore, it perfectly complements the existing full powershift model range.”
Auto Command™ transmission for maximum efficiency
New Holland has tailored its Auto Command transmission for the T8 range to perfectly match its dimensions and usage profile. The Auto Command transmission uses intuitive force-based logic and is controlled via the ergonomic CommandGrip™ handle, identical to that found on T7 Auto Command models.
The four modes of operation known from T7 Auto Command -- Auto, Cruise, PTO and Manual -- provide the same flexibility to optimize task or fuel efficiency. All transmission functions are grouped in one place for a smooth seamless application of power: if working in Auto mode, the operator simply selects the desired working speed, and the Auto Command will adjust the engine speed and transmission settings to achieve the most efficient performance.
The T8 Auto Command features four points of optimized efficiency where the transmission drives through a full mechanical connection. These points have been engineered by design to correspond to the most frequently used operating speeds. Whether you need a speed for planting, tillage, baling or road transport, T8 Auto Command can deliver.
Available in 40kph ECO and 50kph options, customers can reach top speeds at lower engine speeds if loads permit (1400 rpm and 1725 rpm respectively), ideal for businesses that undertake extensive transport activities.
Even more stable. Even more traction.
All T8 Auto Command models benefit from an increased wheelbase, improving stability and traction: units fitted with standard-duty rear axle by 50mm, while T8.390 and T8.420, is fitted with the new heavy-duty 5" bar axle. The wheelbase is a full 14% longer than the nearest competitor, yet T8 tractors still deliver staggering turn performance.
All T8 Auto Command models can be delivered with 900/60R42 rear tyres if air volume and flotation is the requirement, for row crop use, 480/95R50 tyres provide a longer footprint to generate greater traction. These are the largest rear tyres currently available in the market for high powered tractors.
Extensive ballasting options for enhanced in-field productivity
Ballasting flexibility has been further increased with the release of new wheel weights to enhance overall productivity by maintaining traction in even the most difficult conditions. Single-wheel T8 tractors can have up to 2750kg added to the rear axle, and when dual wheels are used, the rear axle ballast loading can now be increase to 4500kg. This loading allows the T8.420 to fully utilize the available power, even at slow speeds.
The new T8 Auto Command tractors are scheduled to make their debut in New Zealand for spring 2014, so don’t delay in securing your new T8.
Rated power (hp[CV])
Maximum EPM power (hp[CV])
Maximum Torque (Nm) at 1550rpm
New Holland is imported in New Zealand by C B Norwood Distributors Ltd.