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The award winning Opti-Grape™ system is aimed at removing as much MOG as possible from the harvested grapes. It is a premium system aimed at wine growers who demand the highest possible harvest quality, and delivers up to five times better cleaning performance by means of a unique, air cushioned cleaning surface. As a result, the wine making process from the vineyard to the cellar is
also enhanced, and a higher quality, more profitable harvest is achieved for the grower.
The Opti-Grape™ system has been specifically designed to maximize harvest cleanliness. It is intended for wineries and cellars targeting low to middle yielding grapes. A pre-sorter takes only the bunch of grapes and puts them into the destemmer. The MOG separation process is controlled by an air cushioned surface, generated by a rotary turbine blowing air through a fine mesh grid.
The Turbine speed generating the air flow is adjustable directly from the cab on the IntelliView™ III monitor. A performance evaluation kit, supplied as part of the Opti- Grape™ System, enables the driver to sample the impurities rejected. As a result, the driver can adjust his own sorting parameters, depending on the harvest conditions, the grape variety and also according to his own sorting expectations.
The air cushion surface enables a wide range of impurities of all shapes and all sizes to be removed, such as petioles, stalks, bits of leaves, wood, stems, etc. It is also effective at removing dry and mouldy fruit, and also botrytized fruit which may be present during difficult harvest conditions.
When the Opti-Grape™ system is not required, its rotational direction can be reversed from the cab without any additional adjustments, to direct all harvested crop directly into the hoppers.
A specially designed crop distributor, combined with two infrared level sensors, allows the hopper to be filled completely and efficiently. The hoppers have also been redesigned, with either 2600L or 3200L capacities, but with a lower center of gravity, and an integrated top fan exhaust to the rear to reduce the spread of dust around the harvester.