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BigBaler History


The flagship BigBaler models are built in Zedelgem, Belgium, home to New Holland’s global Centre of Harvesting Excellence. It was here, over 100 years ago, that Leon Claeys built his very first threshing machine that revolutionised the way farmers harvested.Yet New Holland’s baling heritage spans both sides of the Atlantic, with New Holland developing the very first self-tying pick-up baler in 1940. And the rest, as they say, is history. Today, 25 years after the first of thousands of large square balers rolled off the line, the big baler is still the world's number one large square baler, and yellow blooded engineers are still committed to developing the next generation of baling products. The sophisticated product development process and the extensive knowledge of a dedicated workforce of a World Class Manufacturing facility ensure that the BigBaler range, together with all flagship harvesting products - the CR, CX8000 and FR9000 ranges, continue to set the harvesting benchmark. 
Twenty-five years ago the D1000 saw New Holland enter the large square baler segment. A whole host of pioneering features, including double knot technology, electronic proportional density control, full bale eject functionality and the very first 80x90 bale size were introduced. A quarter of a century later, these have all become industry standards. Where New Holland leads, others follow.
The very first pre-compression chamber that could be adjusted to swath density appeared on the D2000 and revolutionised the world of bale density. Dense New Holland bales have been produced ever since.
The giant among giants: the 120x130cm model was unveiled. High capacity harvesting stepped up a gear.
The D1010 was the first large square baler available as a Packer Cutter for efficient chopping.
People are at the heart of farming, so the single-piece pull out knife drawer on BB900 CropCutter™ models, which enabled easy sharpening, proved a hit with users.
The BB900 introduced another pre-compression chamber first: dedicated fingers which accurately measure the density of each flake for even greater precision density control.
The InfoView™ monitor made it even easier to control all baler parameters on one screen, from the comfort of the cab, including auto-greasing management.
The BB900 series introduced the ultimate in gentle bale delivery thanks to soft drop bale chute technology.
Choice is a big baler hallmark, and the BB-A offers the both four and six knot technology. Furthermore, monitor technology stepped up a gear with the introduction of the IntelliView™ monitor.
The production milestone of 15,000 big balers produced was achieved on 20th May 2008 in Zedelgem.
IntelliView™ III colour touchscreen monitor compatibility significantly enhanced the operator experience with the BB9000 series.
The multi-award winning ActiveWeigh™ on-the-go bale weighing was launched on the BB9000 range.
The state-of-the-art CropID™ system made PLM bale data management and tracking available to all.
Today’s BigBaler range features state of the art bale shape technology with strikingly distinctive styling.