Expanded T4 F/N/V Specialty Tractor Range


New Holland Has Expanded and Upgraded Its Range of T4 F/N/V Specialty Tractors
New Holland has been at the forefront of speciality tractor innovations for sixty years, and has further enriched its industry-leading range with the introduction of a brand new, range topping 106hp T4.105 F/N/V model. Kyle Baxter, New Holland Operations Manager, explains, "The entire T4 F/N/V range has been significantly enriched with an upgraded hydraulic and PTO offering, and our customers operating on steep terrain will appreciate the mechanical park lock, which holds the tractor dead still when parked, significantly enhancing  safety.” 
New range-topping 106hp T4.105 F/N/V model
Speciality customers are becoming ever more demanding and are increasingly undertaking highly specialised tasks that necessitate a high power-output in a compact package. The T4.105 model satisfies this requirement and is available in all three variants, orchard, narrow and vineyard. It boasts a 4.5 litre turbo charged and intercooled Nef engine that is fully compliant with B100, 100% biodiesel.  Maximum power of 106hp is achieved at 2,300 rpm and a 31% torque rise means the T4.105 is able to tackle the most demanding tasks, such as power harrowing, in the most challenging of environments.
Redesigned, intuitive operator environment: industry-leading ergonomic excellence 
New Holland has taken operator comfort to a whole new level, by completely revising the cab on the entire range. Advanced virtual reality simulation techniques were employed to ensure that all controls have been precision placed to offer the ultimate ergonomic experience. All key tractor functions have been repositioned and grouped on the right hand console for immediate and intuitive operation including the rear remote valve controls, together with the front and rear linkage controls. The front part of the rear fenders has also been completely redesigned to offer a more natural operating position for the throttle and clutch pedals. 
Factory fitted mid-mount electro-hydraulic block: convenient operation of four remotes and a dedicated motor outlet
The T4 F/N/V range now features a factory-fitted dedicated mid-mount block with up to four remote valves that will satisfy the needs of modern orchards and vineyards. Intricate tasks such as pruning and mowing between fruit trees and vines can be carried out in absolute safety, free from trailing pipes.
The zero-leakage, proportional electronic mid-mount valves are intuitively controlled courtesy of an all new electronic joystick which falls perfectly to hand on the end of the right hand side control console.  A dedicated motor connection guarantees up to 20 litres/minute of flow is always available, and it is activated from the comfort of the cab via an on-off switch, a specific dial guarantees precision flow control. 
Mechanical park-lock on Dual Command™ models: 100% guaranteed immobility for increased safety in extreme gradients
The T4 F/N/V operating environment encompasses extreme gradients of up to 45%, so safely holding the tractor in a parked position is of fundamental importance. In order to increase parking safety, New Holland has developed the mechanical park-lock which is available in conjunction with the Dual Command™ transmission. This system guarantees 100% mechanical locking of the transmission, and prevents any forward or reverse creep when parked on steep inclines, even when a fully laden trailer is hitched. The park-lock is intuitively engaged either via a dedicated lever or via a specific ‘gate’ on the Creeper lever. Safety is further enhanced, as the park-lock must be manually deactivated before drive can be engaged.
Recalibrated PTO speed offering: improved fuel consumption and enhanced operating flexibility
The reduction in the PTO operating speeds by as much as 5% has significantly reduced fuel consumption. 540 PTO speed is now attained at a mere 1958 engine rpm, whereas 1000 speed is achieved at just 2000 engine rpm. Improved PTO flexibility will be immediately obvious to all users, as the speed at which maximum engine power is achieved has been matched to that of the PTO for greater flexibility when working under load.
Fully compatible with ECOBraud sustainable viticulture program
New Holland is at the forefront of sustainable viticulture which aims to increase productivity and profitability by optimising fertiliser application, working patterns and techniques. As such, the new T4 F/N/V range can be equipped with a dealer-installed GPS antenna and auto-guidance monitor which will optimise in-field activity.

Maximum Power
Maximum Torque
Torque Rise
Minimum Width
(mm) F / N / V
T4.65 V
T4.75 F/N/V
1476 / 1229/ 1061
T4.85 F/N/V
1476 / 1229/ 1061
T4.95 F/N/V
1476 / 1229/ 1061
T4.105 F/N/V
1476 / 1229/ 1061
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New Holland is imported in New Zealand by C B Norwood Distributors Ltd.