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Rear End Components


You need sufficient hydraulic flow to ensure that your tractor does a quality job, whether it’s lifting a mower up at the headlands of a field or a full loader bucket of silage in the barnyard. Yet again, the T4 series tractors are here to help with their open centre hydraulic system that features two pumps: one to power the high pressure circuit (implement pump) and one to run the low pressure circuit (steering and services).

T4 tractors with a mechanical shuttle come standard with a 47.5 litres per minute l/min implement pump and a 27.5 l/min steering pump for a total combined flow of 75 l/min. For hydraulic shuttles as well as applications that need more flow, an optional implement pump is available to provide an impressive flow of 63.9 l/min of flow. This pump also comes with a larger, 37 l/min steering and services pump.

All T4 series tractors are equipped with either two rear remotes with quick release couplers from the factory. Three remotes can be installed by your local New Holland dealer

A two function mid-mount valve and joystick with a 3rd function switch are also fitted for loader applications. 
You can handle heavy bales and implements with ease thanks to a single auxiliary lift ram that can lift an impressive 2,549 kg at 610mm. Need more lift capacity? No worries. An optional single 50mm lift ram can boost your capacity up to 3,334 kg at 610mm. You can conveniently control your three-point hitch with two levers located on the right hand side of the seat on ROP’s models, or from the conveniently positioned Electronic Draft Control pod on all Cab models.