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At New Holland we listen to our customers. The latest fixed chamber Roll Baler 125, Roll Baler 125 Combi and Roll Baler 135 Ultra are built to meet the demands of both livestock farm and contract users operating in challenging conditions. Combining rugged build with high performance and low whole life operating costs, the Roll Baler range is built tough to keep you ahead. The three-model range covers every base. For producing top quality grass and straw bales quickly and efficiently, the 1.25m diameter Roll Baler 125 is the discerning choice. For professional users who value the benefits of baling and wrapping with one machine, then the Roll Baler Combi is the way to go. Need greater output, more sophisticated controls and a larger 1.35m bale? Then the Roll Baler Ultra 135 has the extra features to suit the most demanding user – but without complexity.
Follow the driveline from the tractor PTO and through the gearbox and then to the rollers and pick-up. Simple, direct and efficient, the entire driveline combines low maintenance with high efficiency. More baling efficiency and lower fuel consumption meets reduced maintenance and improved longevity.
The 20 crop processing knives can be raised or lowered to suit every type of bale, different crops and straw as well as conditions. The rollers are profiled to ensure incoming material is rolled as soon as it enters the chamber for consistently dense and uniformly shaped bales of hay, haylage, silage or straw. Versatile baling comes as standard.
Difficult slopes and undulating land? No problem with a New Holland Roll Baler. A wide track and heavy duty axles equipped with large, low ground pressure tyres, enable these balers to maintain a low centre of gravity for stability in demanding terrain. Combi and Ultra models have tandem axles and braking to all four wheels. On-slope security comes as standard
Robust lubricated sleeve bushing supports the chamber rollers. Tolerant of high loads and acid additives, the sleeve bushing are automatically greased to reduce downtime. All key drive chains are oiled every time the chamber door is opened. Hardox steel reduces wear. Durability comes as standard.